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Make money writing May 18, 2010

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I started to write in earnest in 2005. I had big dreams and a notable ego, but I quickly found that no one else was quite as impressed by my writing as I thought he/she would be.

When you are your only critic, everything you write is wonderful.

Five years later, with a dried-up ego and smaller expectations, I am finally making money. Granted, this month’s check is a paltry sum that only pays two household bills, but it is something. By next year I should have earned back all the money I spent on conferences, books, and magazines on writing. 😀

So how did I do it?

Step One
Write for free.

Step two
Once you have about five published clips, start querying the magazines that pay $5-$10 per piece, then gradually increase your queries to magazines that pay from $15-$100.

Step three
Once you have clips from three recognizable magazines, start to query the magazines you really want to write for.

Don’t make the same mistake I did in the process—I kept looking for new magazines to write for, but what I neglected to recognize, as a huge blessing, were the magazines that actually liked me enough to publish me in the first place.

Your regular sources of income might be right under your nose.

I recently contacted some older magazines’ editors to remind them how much they loved me, and to see if they needed any new material. One has now added me as a regular on her mail-out request for submissions; another has asked me to write another piece for her October issue. This leads us to step four.

Step four
Don’t bite the hand that fed you. 🙂



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