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Web copy writing tips June 24, 2010

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Imagine you have a house that is stunningly beautiful; and it is set up for parties, dinners, and dances. Every person who comes to one of your parties is enthusiastically welcomed, he has a great time every minute he is there, and he gets to go home with party favors. Each guest is going to think about his time at your house for a long time, and he is going to want to come back and visit as soon as possible. Web copy needs to make a site’s visitors feel the same way.

Web copy
When you write copy for Web sites, you have some goals in mind, but the bottom line is that you want readers to get the warm fuzzies and feel completely at home with the site and everything it represents. You also want them to get a little taste of the goods, and you want that taste to make them hungry for more. It’s like a first date—you dress up, use your best manners, flatter, open up a little, and leave her at the door after a sweet kiss. Then you follow up on that kiss with a phone call . . . but that’s another writer’s job.

Still a little overwhelmed? Follow this checklist:
-What? (Peek and taste)
-Hungry for more

Every piece of writing needs to be clear and precise. With microscope in hand, Inksnatcher’s writing and editing service will hone any work until it glitters in the light of a 1,000 watt bulb.

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2 Responses to “Web copy writing tips”

  1. Jake Tankard Says:

    And if anyone tries to pinch anything not nailed down by copyright laws, chop their bleedin’ hand off…

  2. michelleearl Says:

    Very informative Sally. Thank you.

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