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New genres for fiction March 27, 2010

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“. . . only a few books have actually created whole new genres.”

I’ve been trying to dig into my friends’ imaginations to come up with names for new genres for fictional works, but so far nothing has come to their minds. With that in mind, I am restricted to my own creativity. Consider yourselves warned.

Non-action adventure: When the only adventure is the unlikely snowstorm blowing across the acrid plains.

Sniffing detective: When you can smell a good story on the jacket, but never find one.

Literary fantasy: When the entire book is the mindless ramblings of a writer’s one demented brain cell.

Horrific fiction: The kind of writing no publishing house will ever pick up. You can find a lot of this on poetry forums.

Mysterance: When the writer started out with a mystery and then found she had nothing after page forty, so she turned it into a romance.

Romatrance: When a romance is riddled with the staring at: lips, cleavage, piercing blue eyes, and other things that put readers into a trance-like stupor.

Engineered fiction: What happens when left-brained writers try to write fiction.

Western-Southern: When it’s all about who’s cooking the ribs at the shootout.

Literaslumber: Page after page of descriptive writing and not much else.

Chocolatica: Writing that causes the reader to revel in the sensual pleasures of eating chocolate.

Please feel free to add to this. If I get enough input, I might even send a book to the winner. 🙂



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6 Responses to “New genres for fiction”

  1. Miles O'Neal Says:

    The Ultimate Genre: these stories revolve around an Ultimate Frisbee league. Each story contains elements of horror, science fiction, romance, police work, race cars, animals. college humor, teen angst, sparkly vampires, salvation, zombies, medical technology, computers, and westerns– with self-help undertones and side bars for dummies. They don’t quite cross the line into X-rated, but are still appropriate for children.

  2. Judith Reiter Says:

    TXT-ofilia: Where the entire work consists only of consonants, numbers, and emoticons.

    TX-ationialism: The entire setting must take place somewhere in Texas and include three-letter words that, when pronounced sound like four- or five-syllable words. Example: God, pronounced Gee-aa-aw-oh-oduh.

  3. sallyhanan Says:

    From Michael K

    Go-thick horror: Story horribly loaded with cliche’s

    Row-mance: romance set on the sea…The Tug Of Love.

    Travail-Log: problems that people have on the Road Less Traveled.

    Serf help manuals: you feel like everything you do is feudal.

    Surf help manuals: when your life is going down the tubes.

    Tech No thriller: Books that are neither technical nor exciting.

    Farmers Almond Act: full of laws pertaining to nuts.

    There is more but it is late; will write again.


  4. Miles O'Neal Says:

    (What happened to the one you mentioned on facebook? 8^)

    Science friction: sci fi with horribly mangled science

    Science fraction: sci fi that gets so far into mathematical concepts only uber-geeks will read it

    Stink bomb: A really, really poorly written war story

    Bore-gasm: war stories or westerns that focus more on the guns than the people (did I cross a line here?)

    Poli-Gore: political novels with dialogue so wooden nobody ever finishes them (maybe that should be Goritical?)

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