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Are you really a writer? February 14, 2010

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Some people write and it seems as if their words ooze from their souls like honey.

Some people write, and it sounds as if every word is being ripped from their gut.

Some people write and then delete every word.

All of these people are writers. All of these people are like you.
Maybe you’ve never been published.
Maybe your plot sucks so much your novel will never be read.
Maybe every other writer’s words seem better than yours.
Maybe you think you can’t write.

Thing is, though, if you love to write, you are still a writer, regardless of what you think of yourself or your talent. Don’t let how others respond affect your passion.

Just write.



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2 Responses to “Are you really a writer?”

  1. Franis Engel Says:

    OK, do you mean that it counts that I’m a writer, even if I write as a form of procrastination from doing other things? ;o)

    For me, writing is a guilty pleasure…guess that after more than ten years of writing, it has lifted itself up in the skill of it as artful. I almost can’t help but write, because I must.

    Even if it doesn’t fit anyone’s idea of what writing should be. Even if what I want to write about is too obscure, too new, too weird, too disorganized for anyone to understand. Even if I’m too long-winded. Even if nobody bothers to read what I write.

    Even if I’m not just a writer, yeah, I’ll still do it.

    Thanks for giving me a bigger definition to measure myself by.

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