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Tag your blog posts and back up your files January 18, 2010

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And on we go with the bloggiesta mini challenges.

Beth from Beth Fish Reads tells us the benefits of making a short tag list. After looking at her tag list, I can see why she wants to make it shorter! 🙂

Some suggestions for this list would be:
Book reviews
Marketing help
Wordpress help
Blog post help
Grammar and punctuation
Sally’s writing
News for writers
Agents/publishing houses

But how do you add a tag list to your homepage?
Beth has a list of suggestions for Blogger and Making a list for is pretty easy—Wordpress has two choices:

A tag cloud tracks all the tags you place on each post.
A category cloud tracks the categories you have put each post into.

You can find both on the widgets page of your dashboard.

What I think I’ll do over the next few days is increase my category cloud (down at the very end of the right column). Rather than have all my posts divided up into three categories, I believe it will be more efficient to have them split into the tag labels I suggested above. While my tag cloud is helpful, it is too random for those who want to be efficient with their time, and, because I am such a helpful blogger, I will fix that. 🙂

Jackie from Farm Lane Books wants to help us never cry over a lost blog, and she tells us how to back up everything with two clicks. (I’d say “with two shakes of a lamb’s tail,” but not many of us have one of those lying around, or do we . . ?)



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3 Responses to “Tag your blog posts and back up your files”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oops, my website link is wrong in above comment!

  2. Gina Says:

    You’ve got some great tips on this blog! If I ever get Writer…Interrupted up and running would you be interested in writing? I have a list of categories I’m sure some of your posts can fall into.

    Right now I’m just a little techno challenged and I’m trying to figure out how to install a custom header! Pray I figure it out soon!!

    • sallyhanan Says:

      Sounds like a plan.

      Re. the header, you can usually figure out how to add a header if you find someone else’s site that is laid out the same way and look at the sourcing code. Then you use their code but replace their image with yours. You just need to make sure the code is the same, i.e. HTML or javascript.

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