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Submission service for authors January 6, 2010

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“Writer’s Relief is a highly recommended author’s submission service . . . We help creative writers get their work to the best-suited agents and editors in the most professional format possible.”

In a nutshell, Writer’s Relief helps you, the writer, find places to send your work. They have a team of people ready to find markets that might welcome your writing pieces. Depending on the package you buy, they will even write your query letters/cover letters, proof and format your manuscripts, and prepare your mailing labels.

Take a look at their site—it is full of helpful information. Sign up for their newsletter, buy a t-shirt, order an e-book, or try and get accepted into their “by invitation only” elite writers’ service.
“Our FREE Newsflash for Writers (an e-mailed newsletter) contains the best, most up-to-date information on publishing industry etiquette . . . markets, literary agents and editors . . . contests, anthologies . . . grammar . . . self-publishing, writing scams . . . and much more!”
It looks as if the cheapest service runs at about $10 per submission, but if that translates into $100 payments for each accepted piece, things should even out fairly quickly. A mail out of twenty-five queries would then cost $250. There are some great testimonials on the site, and the company has been around for years. This is not some flash-in-the-pan outfit.

Having said all that, there are many who feel that paying someone to find markets for them is a scam. I can’t figure out how paying someone to do hours of work for you is bad; that’s how the world works. The thoughts presented by those who actually used the service (not those who just formed an instant opinion without experience), in this forum’s thread seem to validate the service. Make sure you read through to page two.

I’d say that if you are really busy and just don’t have the time to look for paying markets, and you have some spare change, sign up for a year. It could be worth it.



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2 Responses to “Submission service for authors”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    Be sure to check it against predators and editors. I ‘d hate for you to lose even $10 to a scam.

    • sallyhanan Says:

      Thanks. They say this, “Editor’s note: I know of some writers who would kill just to have a synopsis written for them. Judging from the testimonials, this outfit looks legit though they are a bit pricey.”

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