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Write to free Christmas music December 13, 2009

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A quick poll at our house revealed that three out of four PC users prefer to listen to music while they amuse themselves/work/avoid housework at their PC. I am the odd one out, as I need silence when I am trying to think. Keeping that in mind, I downloaded this week’s free download from iTunes for the times when thinking is not important.

I was surprised at the great mix of Christmas music on this album, and especially at how much I enjoyed David Archuleta’s voice and Meaghan Smith’s song “It Snowed.”                                                                 

Amazon is also feeling musically generous. Called “The Twenty-Five Days of Christmas,” Amazon is giving away one free download of Christmas music per day.

For those of you who love to support new artists, Free Christmas Music also has a list of twenty-six songs you can download legally.



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2 Responses to “Write to free Christmas music”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    This post made me laugh. 😛

    Ooh. Christmas music. Free. Nice.

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