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Andy Andrew’s book The Noticer October 1, 2009

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I recently signed up with Thomas Nelson to become a book blogger. I agreed to read and review a book in a certain time frame and in exchange I got to read the book—always a good deal for a reader. 🙂 This is my first review.

The Noticer reminds me of Dan Miller’s writing in a way—the writing in this little book is not as good, but the book is an easy read with deep wisdom in its pages. Sometimes it only takes one sentence to imprint destiny.

At times the advice is a bit trite, e.g. the way to get out of depression is to focus on happy thoughts, or that to make a marriage good all you need is the right love language. Andy Andrews uses simple descriptions and simple writing to back up his points, and sometimes that’s what we need. We make life out of big words and big bold statements with our lives, when, ultimately, all God wants is the little simple things, the small seeds that can change lives.

I’m not sure Andrew’s ending was in line with the rest of the book, but it certainly wrapped things up for the reader.

Overall this was impactful. Age-wise, I would recommend it for teenagers and up. It would be a perfect gift for those who are stressed out, worried or angry a lot of the time. Would I buy it for myself? No, but I would definitely leave it in the bathroom or on the coffee table for others to enjoy.



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2 Responses to “Andy Andrew’s book The Noticer”

  1. Preston Cain Says:

    I loved the noticer as well! I reviewed it on my blog at check out what I thought of it!

  2. Stevie Says:

    I enjoy it when I find nuggets like this, thanks!

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