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Write or Die July 26, 2009

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Debbie O’Conner directed me to this little gadget today—it’s called Write or Die, namely because if you don’t write, you suffer. . . . In other words, it’s writing for masochists.

Ok, so you don’t die, but if the Web application senses that you are not writing it will either write a pleasant warning to get going again, play an incredibly-annoying noise (one of which is called The Devil’s Interval), or start eating what you’ve already written. You can set it to whichever consequence you think you can handle. Yes, there is a pause button, but you can only use it once. The electric shock mode is a futuristic mode which the author hopes to enable soon.

Mode: Gentle, Normal, Kamikaze, Electric Shock

Grace Period: Forgiving, Strict, Evil

Time Goal: 10 min – 2 hours

You can watch Dr. Wicked’s YouTube video on how it works, too.

Dr. Wicked’s mission is to “provide writers with consequences for not writing, thus instilling them with fear and productivity.” His next goal is to write code for an application that forces him to exercise or suffer the consequences. Apparently, the natural consequences just don’t happen fast enough for his liking.

May I suggest, Dr, Wicked, that the electric shock mode might be more feasible for the exercise app, especially if downloaded to the iPhone on one’s hip?

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2 Responses to “Write or Die”

  1. tashi Says:

    Haha. This is really cool. I’m gonna try it right now. Your posts are always so interesting.

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