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Writers’ inspiration. Help! July 15, 2009

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Inspiration for writers is sometimes hard to come by. Here is a little collection of helpers.

Meet Hank
If you don’t just get on with it, he will beat you the moment he finds his missing Samurai sword.

If Hank doesn’t scare you
Here is something softer, and it’s not the latest fabric softener. One Word is a beautifully clean, simple-to-use Web site that has you write for one (timed) minute about anything that comes to mind when you see the word of the day. I wrote something on two separate days that could easily end up as short stories.

SPRAY: I lift the cologne bottle up to my neck and my finger freezes on the spray button. This scent, this favorite fragrance, is supposed to entice, attract, draw his lips near to mine. Will it? Is a scent enough?

HEARTBEAT: Dadum, dadum, dadum, like a dance.
Like the flutter of the tiny hummingbird’s wings
your heart doesn’t even thump,
it pats itself against the inside of your tiny chest.

Search engines
Go to your favorite search engine site, search for images, and then close your eyes and pick one at random. Here is one I found. Now write about it.

Think of your favorite place to be alone. It doesn’t have to be from the present; it can be from the past. For some, they revisit their childhood bedroom, for others, they find themselves walking along the beach.
Write this horizontal list on a piece of paper or on the computer.


Beside each word, write one of your own. Now put your words into an opening line.

And if all of that doesn’t work, I can send Hank back in to give you a more thorough going-over. . . .



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One Response to “Writers’ inspiration. Help!”

  1. Alyosha Says:

    Oh my…Hank does indeed inspire fear.

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