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6 Tips for Integrating Your Blog with Facebook and Twitter July 13, 2009

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I’ve discovered a few things of late that I’d like to share with you—practical things that computer geeks don’t even bother telling us because it is assumed that we would know such basic stuff. . . .

1) To create a fan page on Facebook, visit Facebook’s section that leads you through this.

2) If you would like to invite readers of your blog to follow your fan page on Facebook:
Go to your fan page.
Click on Add fan box to your site (under your photo).
Copy the code.
Paste it into a text widget.
Add it to your blog column.

The first time I did this, the only thing that showed up were some numbers and letters that looked like this: FB.init(“d7ed0dab25240bf5b8856fa3d408f2d9”);. I went back to the widget’s text box and deleted those. Now, even though I don’t have the photo or the fancy widget that appears on other people’s sites, at least there is a link there that says Inksnatcher on Facebook.

3) To get more readers for your blog, join Networked Blogs on Facebook:
Go to their home page on Facebook.
Add your blog via the button on the top-right corner.
Fill in your profile information.

To learn how to:
–import your feed to your fan page
–add the Networked Blogs tab to your profile wall
–add your blog list to your profile and info wall
visit their information page.

(The Networked Blogs widget won’t work on your blog because JavaScript is not supported.)

4) To get Facebook fans to follow your blog (that is now listed on Networked Blogs):
Visit your blog profile page on Facebook .
Click on invite friends (under the photo of your blog page). Follow NWB’s instructions on how to invite friends to follow your blog. (You are only allowed to invite twenty people a day.)

5) If you want to add a button to for people to follow you on Twitter, you have many sites to choose from. I googled Twitter buttons follow me and found this site. I entered my Twitter name and then had multiple choices of text to copy and paste into a widget’s text box.
Enter your Twitter name.
Choose your picture.
Copy the code.
Paste it into a text widget box.
Add to your blog column.

6) IMHO, The best way to follow Twitter is with Tweetdeck, only once you have it set up, be sure to have settings open all information searches in a new tab—Twitter will freeze your account for clicking on too many names within Tweetdeck. Yes, I sure do have an opinion about this, but today is going to stay happy. 🙂
Read more about Tweetdeck here.
Download the Tweetdeck service here.

And an extra tip that has saved me from the Irritated-Facebook-Users Society:
When scrolling down the list of Facebook posts, right-click any links that you want to read later. Pick open in new tab and Facebook will open each page in a new window. You can read these later at your leisure.



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6 Responses to “6 Tips for Integrating Your Blog with Facebook and Twitter”

  1. hhp news Says:

    I can’t figure out how to make a button on my wordpress blog so people can go to my Facebook page. I don’t have an Ad Fan Box button on my Facebook page.

  2. Is there an easy way to link your wordpress blog to twitter so that anything you blog gets tweeted. I heard there is a way but don’t see it. thanks

  3. Reefs Says:

    Wow thanks for tips, very informative. Just subscribed to your feed. I’m gonna link my facebook to my blog!

  4. Mouhanad Says:

    Hey there,

    I write many stuff about Facebook on my blog Not Sure…

    I hope you read them.

    Mouhanad 😉

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