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Things every writer needs (according to tweeters) June 23, 2009

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Things every writer needs (in my opinion):

Paper and pen by the bed, on the desk, in your purse (or man-purse). This covers every possible moment of muse-like thought. Write it down!

Dictionary. Word may have spell check but it’s not always reliable.

Thesaurus. A thesaurus is available on Word but it is limited with its suggestions for synonyms. Any time you can substitute a clichéd, oft-used word with another, do it.

Microsoft Word. Word still frustrates me but I’m getting more and more used to him. Yes. Him. Without him, I would not write much, and what I do write would be scrunched into balls of paper at the bottom of my purse, not neatly filed in my writing/work/blog/drafts folders.

Outlook. How else am I supposed to track six e-mail addresses?

More input from Twitter friends:
Thick skin. Coffee. A thesaurus. A library card. Curiosity. Patience. Impatience. Support. A day job. Hope. AA batteries. Time.

To learn to finish, that can be tough.
Every writer needs honest feedback, the nerve to ask for & get it, and to decide whether to make changes as a result, or not.
Every writer needs to carry a notepad & pen at all times!
Every writer needs courage, confidence and support, at least from themselves, from others is a bonus.

Every writer needs
a) a pen/pencil
b)something to write on 🙂


Every writer needs bathroom breaks. This I have learned. =)

Tenacity. Imagination. Discipline. Rebellion. Desire. Job to pay the bills in the mean time. Diet Coke.

It looks like our common elements of necessity are people or things that support us physically, mentally, and practically. So move on in the delights of kind words, addictive drinks and other foodstuffs ( I can’t believe no one mentioned chocolate); and to your own self (or stomach) be true.



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2 Responses to “Things every writer needs (according to tweeters)”

  1. Alyosha Says:

    Haha, nice post. (How did I miss this?)

    Notebook in purse – absolutely. And of course the handbag in question must be large enough to carry about whatever book one is currently reading, as well. Very important.

    The lack of chocolate is shocking indeed.

  2. You totally forgot what I said lol.

    Every writer needs passion and life experiences. Passion for writing, and life experiences to inspire that passion. 😀

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