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I am a superhero June 10, 2009

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I am a superhero. I tighten my belt buckle in anticipation of the day ahead. There are children to save, hungry to feed, bad guys to stop and fling into dark deep outer space.

I am a superhero.

First, I must have my superhero electrolyte drink called coffee. It surges through my system like agents running away from mobsters. My heart speeds up. My belt feels tighter already.

I am a superhero.

The kitchen begins my day. It sets the mood, once the coffee reaches my superpower brain. Six hands join mine as together we are an unbeatable team, swiping at baddies until the area is clear of crime.

I am a superhero.

My team must be trained constantly. Alertness, knowledge, quick impulses, self-motivation—all must be instilled into the world’s future superheroes. My nimble, multi-tasking fingers slip training materials into the DVD player. There is nothing that will oppose this squad in the future. Both together and individually, they will stun everyone within 200 feet.

I am a superhero.

My hands whip my cloak from my sides and sort through liquids, sustenance, and power surge snacks for these hungry powerhouses.

I am a superhero.

We fly through the outdoor air, hands ahead of noses, sniffing for enemy activity. We land at resource headquarters, ready to stock up on important supplies for future missions.

I am a superhero.

The agency director returns to headquarters, regaling us with stories of his heroic efforts in the field. We crowd around him, lusting after testimonies like his own.

I am a superhero.

We lie in our temporary resting cabins with more training materials. This time, we read of other superheroes. We close our eyes and see them soar and conquer and serve.

I tiptoe out. The world is safe for another day.

I am a superhero.

I cuddle next to my partner is goodness. We are on a mission together. It is a mission that may take many years to accomplish, but we are prepared. We have each other’s superpowers to draw on. Out trainees show tremendous potential. We share the same power source.

The lights turn out.

I am a superhero . . . that welcomes sleep.



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