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Review and edit your book June 1, 2009

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If I haven’t told you before, the book I am about to publish, Joy in a Box, is a collection of 30 stories. Each one should take about five minutes to read—perfect for the morning coffee break. I have included suspense, literary fiction, humor, biblical fiction, inspirational fiction, and contemporary fiction into the mix so that the reading never becomes boring.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately going over and over my book to make it perfect. I’ve edited it for mistakes about seven times, printed it out to do a paper edit, moved stories around about three times, and tightened up one story that was too verbose. That said, I cannot rely on myself to perfect something that will be published, reviewed, and read by (hopefully) a few hundred people.

Even though I am a freelance editor, a writer should ALWAYS have a second pair of eyes to edit her book. It’s not just a quick look over for mistakes, it’s to see:

how things might be written in a tighter way
how to expand on certain points that are difficult for the reader to understand
if there are formatting problems on another PC
if more character development is necessary

Book editors can also look for problems with the plot and make sure that there is rising action, a good climax, and a suitable denouement (fall and wrap-up).

I only do line-by-line editing because I love to fix grammar, punctuation, and sentence flow, but I know many editors who do developmental editing of manuscripts, and I would be more than happy to direct you to them should you decide to go ahead and have your book reviewed for all the problems mentioned above.

As for my book, I am very happy with everything so far. I just wish it didn’t take so long to make it perfect. My sister will be returning from her vacation in France on Wednesday, and she has agreed to design the cover. That means at least another week of waiting. 😦

If you would like to taste a sample of what’s in the collection, you can read the first ten percent of the book here: Joy in a Box Alternatively, if you are willing to review the book and post about it on your blog, I can send you a coupon code to enable you to read the whole thing.

Thanks for reading!




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4 Responses to “Review and edit your book”

  1. Hey there…great post. I’m an editor…I’d be willing to “donate” my time to your writing…let me know if you need an editor.

  2. You make great points, I agree with them all. However, isn’t it expensive to have editing done? I’m published, and have no expectation of making any money after all expenses are netted out for promotion and travel. These are coming out of my pocket. So, while I agree that a good editor can be a great help, some of the prices I’ve seen…in the thousands…are just staggering. I can neither afford, nor justify them to family. Thoughts on this?

    Best Regards, Galen

  3. Fran Says:

    But we’re all “struggling” writers – usually unable to invest in an editor…what to do?

  4. Alexis Grant Says:

    Good for you! I think some writers make the mistake of thinking they’re too good for an editor, but the truth is we ALL need them. I can’t wait until I’m at the point with my travel memoir that you are with your book. Best of luck!


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