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Becky Cortino—A Treasure Chest of Passion May 4, 2009

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Becky Cortino—a fascinating woman—who has managed to combine all of her favorite things (sales, gardening, magic, clown ministry, celtic harp, aromatherapy, training, speaking, and writing) and use them to bless others. Becky is an inspiration to many writers who wonder if they have anything to offer through their writing—she has chosen to follow her heart, learn as much as possible from each season of her life, and then teach others, through her writing and speaking, from her wealth of experience.

I sent Becky some questions so that readers could find out more about her current season of life and how she got to this place professionally.

Sales, gardening and clowning around . . . what attracted you to invest your time and talent in each of these areas?

Sales: initial passion for my work, in which I have experienced success. I LOVE people.

Gardening: began when I was small, after Master Gardener certification. I dove in head-first, with my family—learning never ends. Now I’m sharing 10 years of discoveries, research, and writing on the topic. I’m also a Garden Writer Association writer.

Clowning—that is, becoming involved in FRMC Charlie’s Chaplains in 1997, was an answered prayer: I was asking for a way that my family could become involved in a significant way to serve. It is that and SO much more. I am blessed to work with THE most dedicated peeps. YUM!

It seems like sales is your forte—how do you see your experience in sales helping you with your participation in the Charlie’s Chaplains ministry, and have you seen it help you with your writing career also?

I laughed when I thought of the images evoked by the aspects you have named, Sally; LOL! That “sales” would be my forte—I think of the typical sales person and how people view that, LOL, And THEN, I think of my PR side—WOW! A Flack! Hehe And then—a clown—now who could take that person seriously?! LOL!

In actuallity, it is my entire background that I bring to wherever I am. FRMC Charlie’s Chaplains has benefited immeasureably from my Marketing/PR career. I would have to say the underpinnings of all are “marketing,” and all else follows.

What drew you into the writing world?

I have always been a writer, and was encouraged by my mother. I have been a published writer in the media for 38 years.

Obviously, you have spent more time during certain phases of your life on different interests—which is closest to your heart these days—sales, gardening, writing, cheering up the sick, or entertaining at events?

Being a performing artist
Being mother of Magic’s Royal Duke Sammy Cortino
Being a magician’s assistant to BJ Cortino.
They don’t call me “Magic Mom” for nothin’!

What advice would you give to writers/artists who are a bit unsure about the future, or to those who wonder if they will be able to continue to follow their passion?

I have definite advice for writers/artists—to continue on! I just, literally, put pen to paper yesterday, as I am now working on book #3 in my A Heart 4 Clowning series.

Becky Cortino has 2 books and a CD available for purchase from this store:
Healing Humor: Live Happy – Be Healthy! (CD)
From the Heart: Injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting (book)
How to Establish a Hospital Clown or Creative Ministry Guide (book)

You can read more about Becky and her various interests on the following websites:

You can also follow Becky on Twitter @ Healing Humor.

Thank you, Becky. It is very encouraging to see how one woman can inspire so many.


2 Responses to “Becky Cortino—A Treasure Chest of Passion”

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  2. RDLarson Says:

    What a marvelous and inspiring woman. She is so dedicated and so positive that i admire her very much. She is truly using her talents to help the world. Good for you, BECKY CORTINO!

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