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Sending the First E-mail to Your iContact contacts April 28, 2009

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For those of you who expected to read a blog on writing, I am currently reviewing a service that helps one to keep track of all clients, send out newsletters, and update people on one’s writing life/new novels, etc. With that in mind . . .
Finally!! My first message has been sent. Here’s how I got from an F to an A in my efforts to master the iContact world.

I needed to talk to someone in support. iContact has three ways to get one-on-one help:
-chat window

I opted for the chat window, because it was easier to ask someone to hold on (while I tried what they recommended) than if they were on the phone. I got a guy called Michael, who wrote to me in good old English rather than with copied and pasted blocks of text. It made me feel like a human. 🙂

Basically, Michael told me that if I wanted people to sign something to say that they knew me, I should have done that when I added their names to my list. I did NOT want to go through that again, depsite the ease of the process.

He directed me back to my welcome message that I had already made (via the create tab), and I was able to add in a paragraph that asked readers to e-mail me back letting me know how I knew them. There are two sections on the create page—the first one for HTML and the second one for text. I hit copy on the first one, and it automatically copied the message into the text box.

I was then able to send myself a test message to make sure that I had not embarrassed myself and the Republic of Ireland (or Texas;)), before I hit the send button. All was well.

Within about two minutes, I got an e-mail from iContact to let me know that the e-mail had been sent, along with a link to information about the results. As I am, primarily, a visual reader and learner, the info. delighted me. For those who prefer text alone, it also had a text list of message statistics.

Results so far

Results so far

To top off the excellent service, iContact also e-mailed me my message again, along with a copy of my online help conversation.

I am bowled over—I never expected to feel this good about getting more organized, and I believe that the service I got from iContact has helped a lot with my attitude.

Aside from all of this, iContact is not paying me for the tryout of their service, so this is a guaranteed Irish/Texan unbiased review. I hope it helped.

Here’s the ad for iContact:

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Example Templates

Here are some example templates.

iContact Screenshots

Here are some example screenshots.

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