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Writechat on Twitter April 26, 2009

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I was delighted to be part of a writers’ chat room this afternoon—Julie Isaac, of, has begun a great way of using Twitter to benefit writers. From 1PM-3PM CST every Sunday, authors, literary agents and publishers join together (OK, so they’re mostly writers :)) to share information, answer each other’s questions, and encourage/spur one another on.

Sometimes, writers can feel alone, and they even wonder if their writing is any good (especially when their family is not interested in even reading a few lines). Being a part of something bigger than oneself has rewards all of its own—kind critiques, encouragement, a good kick now and then, and, best of all, friendships.

While writechat does not provide, in itself, that kind of community, most of the participants will then follow each Twitterer they parlayed with during the event, thus building Twitter’s writing community in a different way.

If you would like to be a part of the future writechat get togethers, follow WritingSpirit on Twitter. Also, to get the full benefit of Julie’s help, follow her blog:, where she offers exclusive creativity/productivity writing tips, tools, and tutorials.


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