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Confirming contacts on iContact April 25, 2009

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Call me confused, but I am completely at a loss as to what to do next, on my own. I have written a subscribe message about 5 times now, and every time I tried to send it, iContact brought me back to some other page that I did not want to visit. When I hit the back button the first few times, my message wasn’t saved.

I don’t know how to send out the confirmation e-mail.
I don’t know how to save the style and colors I picked.
I don’t know how to embed the code onto my site in a way that won’t send people back to the home page of iContact.

I’ve watched the tutorials—still no help. have told me that I don’t need to confirm the contacts if I have, at some point in time, done business with them. (Thanks, Veracity!) I’m going to try that route next—I just have to link to the sign-up form in my mailout before sending.

iContact support is not available over the weekend, which leaves me approx. 3 days to figure this out once they get back. . . .


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