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Twitter April 19, 2009

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I joined Twitter a while ago, but was too overwhelmed with it all to pay much attention to the learning curve, so I quit and then came back to it after the menstrual cycle was over with. 😉

Once I uploaded tweeterdeck, all was well again in my world; um . . . that’s tweetdeck. See? Still a newbie.

I won’t give a boring synopsis of all the ins and outs of my, so far, brief journey, but I will say this: there is a lot of good information on Twitter that I never would have seen had my eyes not been glued to the monitor for the last 3 days. (Addictive??? No . . . )

I’d like to share all of the links I’ve enjoyed. Some/most of them have nothing to do with writing. 🙂

The reality of fast food

Newer 3D curb art from Julian Beever

Very entertaining website; I think it’s in Dutch.

A trend in the romance fiction genre: Amish love stories

Nooo! Please don’t give Susan Boyle a makeover

Author JA Konrath–great resource for writers “The Newbies Guide to Publishing”

Totally fascinating. Beautiful graphs. Debunking Third World myths

And a hilarious writer’s description of agents’ day on Twitter “MEEN & EVAL AGENTZ… CRUSHERZ OV DREEEMS!!”

Enjoy! 😀


One Response to “Twitter”

  1. Ashley Ladd Says:

    I was overwhelmed by Twitter, too, at first and left for awhile. Tweetdeck helps a lot. So does tweetlater.

    I found the #writerchat today, but right at the end of it. Oh well – next time.

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