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Adding contacts to iContact April 16, 2009

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So far, so good. First impressions are:
iContact is easy to use. I don’t know any HTML, and its language is techie-free—clear and simple to follow.
I love the white background, the layout, and font size.

Last night, I began to add e-mail addresses to my contact list. There are three options for doing this:
Download them from a file
Add names one by one
Copy a bunch of text with e-mails in it and iContact takes out the e-mail addresses.

Unfortunately for me, I have been using Outlook since 2004, and that does not give me the automatic pop-up that asks me to add the address of a new sender or recipient to my list of contacts. Because of that, I am slowly going through each letter of the alphabet, adding each name that comes up in the list into the address bar of a blank e-mail. Once it’s full of all the addresses that begin with that letter, I copy and paste the list into iContact. I’m about to start on the letter d. . . . I realize that some of these addreses are dead and buried; some are for support sections of companies; some are for people I sold books to; but that’s ok. I can sift through them more closely once they are all together in iContact. During my trial period, I’m allowed 250 contacts, so I’m going to have to sort through them anyway.

The thing is, though, despite this being tedious and time-consuming, it’s about time I collected all of my contact info. and sorted it and kept it in one place. Regardless of all the future possiblities iContact can give me for my writing business, there have been so many times that I’ve wanted to, say, send out a holiday greeting to all my closer friends, or send out news of a special offer on letter magnets (Eager Mind letter magnets) to previous customers. Soon, I will be able to do that.


One Response to “Adding contacts to iContact”

  1. Mark Lyne Says:

    Howdy – iContact is great, and I hope the referral group gains a lot of benefit from it – please sign up through the like on the Austin Business Referral site to benefit the group which refers through

    Best of luck!

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