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Grammar and Writing Help March 11, 2009

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I’ve discovered a huge asset to the writing community– This site provides a huge ensemble of grammar and writing lessons, in addition to interactive quizzes and helpful tips for grammar phobes.


Establish an Online Presence March 6, 2009

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Online presence is one of those new-fangled things that online-savvy people know about and use. Up to a few month ago, I didn’t even know what it meant. As an editor and writer for other people, though, I need to make sure that I am easily found online, because most business these days is garnered through the internet.

If I have a name that is unusual and googling me will instantly find everything I have ever done, that is fantastic (hopefully!). If, however, I have a name like John Smith, then that will absolutely not happen. Some beginner’s steps I’d like to recommend in order to establish an online presence:

1. Buy the domain name “” if it is not already gone. Have it redirect to your business site. Any hosting company will have this option.

2. Buy a second domain name that promotes your line of work. I used the name, as all of the names that use write, script, edit, etc. (all the obvious names) were already taken. If you can’t think of a name, get your Thesaurus out and use alternative words that people understand.

3. With that second domain, turn the site into something viable which others can come to and read about the writing services you offer. Be sure to only offer services you are sure you can perform.

4. Set up your e-mail account, with the e-mail being one that is easy to remember. Mine is

5. Tell others about the fact that your website is now up and running—post about it on Facebook, Twitter, in your blog, on other forums you are part of.

6. If getting business is diffcult in the beginning, offer to edit or write for someone for free—that way you will have quotes and a list of work already completed.
Inksnatcher business card
7. Design and print good-quality business cards. Be ready to hand them out to anyone who could benefit from your services. A family member designed mine, and I used Overnight Prints to print them.

7. Join a business leads/referrals group. This helps to network with other business owners who know people who know people who know. . . . Meet Up can be a good place to find a group near you.

8. Consider adding reciprocal affiliate links to your blog and site; they will bring you more traffic. This means that you add someone’s link to your page and they add yours to theirs.

9. Write articles on your genre of writing or editing—doing so will help you to appear more professional and knowledgable about the subject matter, and your name will come up more often in online searches. There are many sites you can post your writing on: iScribe, Helium, PostArticles, to name a few.

Overall, what I want is to be seen, to be known, and to be thought of or mentioned when editing/writing work is available. The aforementioned list will be part of the ladder that takes me there.



Every piece of writing needs to be clear and precise. With microscope in hand, Inksnatcher’s writing and editing service will hone any work until it glitters in the light of a 1,000 watt bulb.

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Make Money Through Writing March 2, 2009

As a writer, one can make money by writing for many different businesses. A short list would include these:




Public Relations


Electronic communications

Book publishing





Editorial/design packages

Educational services

Library services


Trade journals




While most writers prefer to write creative, artsy pieces of muse-inspired emotion, there are many others who love to tell people what to do and how to do it in compact “how-to” articles. The articles can sell quite well, depending on the skill of the writer and the committment to submitting them on a regular basis. The fiction, on the other hand, does not pay all that well and largely depends on happenstance when it comes to getting over $20 for a story.


Some places where one can get an idea of what writing for others can look like:


What most writers end up doing, when they discover that money is not going to fall into their bank acounts, is take up writing that pays their bills, and then write the muse-inspired labors of love in their free time.


And this is why I am now going to actively market my editing and writing services. 🙂


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