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Writer’s block/waiting for the muse January 17, 2009

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Most writers come to a moment in time when their mind becomes empty. All the prose, the poetic lines, the intense analogies and personifications freeze in the axons of the brain and no words break through the ice. So what can one do? It’s like anything in life. Just do it.

I’ll show you how it works. You hover over the keypad ike a helium balloon about to burst into fire and start to type one word, two words, anything that comes into your head. I’ll give you an example by trying it myself.

Ok, so here I am sitting at the computer about to write something brilliant. My family has the TV on. I can hear the noise in the background. I wonder what they’re watching…Oh! It sounds like Star Wars music. I remember those ewok guys. Oh! That reminds me, I could put some sort of weird looking creature into my fantasy story, the one I’m writing, the one I am supposed to have writer’s block about.

See? Now my brain is no longer frozen; the microwave of fast defrost has begun to work, and I can write a new element into my current story.


One Response to “Writer’s block/waiting for the muse”

  1. Dara Says:

    I’ve hit that point. I don’t know how my book is going to end. Everything I keep thinking of seems too unrealistic or too cliche.

    Perhaps I should just write something down and then go back and change it once the chapter hits my critique group.

    Anyway, I’m glad I found you have a blog–I have one on wordpress too. Clicking on my name should link you to it. I have a lot of fellow writer’s blogs I follow as well as some literary agents.

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